Moon Shooter

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Moon Shooter
100% Arabica
100% small batch air roasted.
100% Money back guarantee

What is Moon Shooter?

This is our Covert blend. Was it a light roast? Was it a dark roast? Was it the two combined?
We often wonder ourselves. One thing we can guarantee is that you will love it and that no two bags will be the same. That was two things, but the loving our coffee part should go without saying.

The good news. We can shoot this blend into Pods if you prefer that method of brew. Plus you can get a monthly subscription and have your taste buds electrified by a monthly subscription of this covert blend





We small batch air roast all of our coffee. We believe air roasted coffee to be superior to the typical “drum roasted”. The air roasting, fluid bed method that we use, suspends the beans in a 680 degree vortex of hot air. This vortex allows each bean to be roasted evenly and to perfection. This vortex also allows the skin or hull of the bean called “chaff”, to be sucked out of the roasting chamber and removed during the roasting process so it’s not roasting with the bean. With the drum, roaster this chaff is left to roast and catch on fire while the beans roast. This can give coffee that burnt taste. Our process will leave you with a more even, flavorful coffee with lower acidity. This is why we believe Death Ray Coffee will electrify your taste buds.

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  1. Mary Trace (verified owner)

  2. Mary Trace (verified owner)

    Moon Shooter is one of my favorites. Obliterate is another great option 🙂

    Moon ShooterMoon Shooter

  3. Mary Trace (verified owner)

    Gave this as a gift and my supervisor loved it!

    Electro StaticElectro Static

  4. Mary Trace (verified owner)

  5. Mary Trace (verified owner)

    This is my current favorite 😊

    Moon ShooterMoon Shooter

  6. Katharine Schenck (verified owner)

    First time for this one. Nice and perky, something in the finish I can’t identify but I really like it! Strong flavor


  7. Katharine Schenck (verified owner)

  8. Katharine Schenck (verified owner)

    This is my ‘go to’ most mornings!

    Alternating CurrentAlternating Current

  9. Tobey Erhart (verified owner)

    I am repeat buyer and this is my number one favorite blend! I usually buy two pounds at a time! The best!


  10. Katharine Schenck (verified owner)

    Excellent. Smooth but with a nice kick. Also the service is amazing! Coffee arrives so fast!!!

    Power Surge Breakfast BlendPower Surge Breakfast Blend

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